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We sell amazing, life-size, animated Gorilla Robots that will get attention at your car dearlership, retail store, sales promotion, or special event. Standing 6' 6" tall, the left arm waves side to side while the upper torso moves left and right. Durable and made for outdoor use in mind. The inner body is hand crafted, made of a solid steel welded frame, with high impact molded plastic body and head. The costume is made of fun fur,
with a latex mask, hands and feet. Included is a two-part base system consisting of a outer display base, which is covered with exterior grade carpet, and an inner base so that extra weight can be added to make it more stable and wind-resistant. Included is a 21"x36" changable letter sign and one box of 4"
letters. Arrives ready to use with with only minor assembly required. Just plug it into any 110 outlet and you're ready to go!

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Black and Pink Gorilla Robots Available!
· 6' 6" tall
· Left arm waves
· Upper torso moves left and right
· Hand crafted steel inner frame
· Fun fur costume with latex hands and face
· Includes 21"x36" sign and box of 4" letters
It's been proven over and over again...
when you make a strong visual impression, your product or service stays in the minds of consumers longer. High visibility means high impact and more sales for you! Let our life-like primates bring traffic to your retail store, car lot, grand opening, trade show booth, or special event at a lower cost than newspaper ads, inflatables, or other advertising tools. Every day, thousands of people see your business, and how many people will remember your business the next day?? With our eye-catching, bigger than life, animated Gorilla Robots people will remember your business the next day and long after!

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Utilize GorillaRobots.com's assortment of animatronic figures to generate attention! Boost sales and get you business noticed! Let our hard-working, mechanical employees gain attention to your product or business. These guys get the job done!! They bring in the crowd!! They attract customers to your business!! Best of all, they increase your profits!! They are the perfect employee!!
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